I am not a child anymore. But what I
can do is to journey you through my childhood experiences and how I thought about it then. So, while I open my diaries and start writing and reminiscing about all my entries, you just sit back, read, learn, and enjoy. :)

"Define children, and you are defining innocence." ---Me

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Baby is Born

Nobody remembers what took place when they were born. They do not remember what their first thought when they opened their eyes to the world was. They do not remember how they took in their strange surroundings and what they had thought about it.

Well, the same goes for me. All I know is that one August, I was born into the world. A baby girl, healthy and red, was placed into her mother's arms for the first time.

I find it a very curious mystery as to what babies actually think when they open their eyes and take in their new surroundings. How do their innocent little minds function? How can their minds work if they don’t know anything? They could have thought “This is strange” or “Pretty color”. But then again, how could they have thought of that if they don’t even know what “this”, “is”, “strange”, “pretty” or “color” even meant? It is a mystery we have yet to discover.

I don’t know what God thought when he put me into the world. I don’t know what His purpose for me was. But I’m sure He has a purpose for me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have lived this long. So, there I was in my mother’s arms. I bet I would’ve stared around in utter amazement and awe. I bet my mother loved me the moment she saw me. And I bet my God saw me and sent a guardian angel especially for me, to love and protect me as I journey on through life. I still don’t know what His purpose for my life is. What I do know, however, is that He placed me in this world for a reason and He fashioned me to be unique and beautiful in His eyes before placing me in my mother’s womb. What I do know, is that one August, a baby was born; a baby special in His eyes and loved with His heart. And that baby was me. 

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
~ Psalm 139:14 KJV


  1. You are a gifted child. I know your mom is really proud of you including your dad. God is watching you for sure and He knows what is best for you. Have a nice weekend ahead!

  2. Amen to those wonderful words=)