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can do is to journey you through my childhood experiences and how I thought about it then. So, while I open my diaries and start writing and reminiscing about all my entries, you just sit back, read, learn, and enjoy. :)

"Define children, and you are defining innocence." ---Me

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Versatile Award

I did not expect this. This is sooo cool! ^^ It's my first. And thank you sooo very very much to you, Sarah for this awesome award! You know, I'd give one to you too if I could but you already have one. :)

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* Share 7 things about yourself.
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Here are the seven things about me:

So, here are the 7 things about me:
1. I am a Seventh-Day Adventist and happy to be.
2. I am a Filipina and proud of it.
3. I'm not as old as you think I am. :P
4. I love reading and I don't stop 'til I finish it.
5. My grandmother says I only eat once a day...continuously.
6. I'm on front of my notebook every day.
7. There are only four people closest to my heart.

Now that I have this rockin' award, I would love to pass it to Jen, neiyomee, DistressedParents, RicketyRide, and Just Plain Tired for their awesomeness and everyday drops. You guys rock!

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  1. Rock on Filipina girl =)

    As i've read in #4, you are a reader indeed. maybe you'd like to request a freebook here if you're not yet registered. They'll send you a FREE book and all you got to do is make a 200-word review about that.

    I've already tried in on my other blog.


    if you like, you can sign up to this www.booksneeze.com

    happy blogging =)

  2. Hey thank you for the award. Much appreciated.